ING programme

The ING Group is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation and its UK

Wholesale Banking operations are located in the City of London. ING Eagles is a unique graduate programme designed for 24 outstanding local people interested in a career in financial services with internships available in a range of business areas including five front office roles. Links to job descriptions for all of the roles can be found below.

All of the roles have now been filled:

What does the programme entail?

  • Two weeks of intensive training at ELBA
    • Specific training on the role of an investment bank with modules on:
      – The world of work and what it means to be professional
      – An Introduction to the City and Global Financial Services
    • Training in Personal development (self-esteem, team work and communication skills) and Employability skills (workload management, business English, Excel, Outlook, project management, networking, managing your manager).
  • A nine-month paid work placement at ING in one of the above roles

Key dates

All of the roles have now been filled

Assessment day: w/c 15 August 2022

Start of programme: 3 October 2022

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