ING programme

The ING Group is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation and its UK Wholesale Banking operations are located in the City of London.

There are 23 internships for the 2018 programme. Applications are still open for:

FI FM Risk Intern
CSD Transactions & Markets Intern
CAO/LFC Support Intern 
IT – Financial Markets (x1)

The roles are listed below with links to the job descriptions for each. These include information on the main duties and responsibilities of each role along with the necessary qualifications, experience, knowledge and personal competences required.

Information Security (x1)
Corporate Communications Art & Archive
Corporate Communication: Internal Communications and Events
Global research
Wholesale Banking Research
Supporting the CAO (Chief Administration Officer) in the Enterprise Management Office
Finance – Accounts Payable
Change Delivery
Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Global Securities Finance (GSF) IT team (x2)
1st Line of Defence Risk & Control

What does the programme entail?

  • Two weeks of intensive training at ELBA
  • Specific training on the role of an investment bank with modules on:
    – The world of work and what it means to be professional
    – An Introduction to the City and Global Financial Services
  • A nine-month paid work placement at ING in one of the above roles

Key dates

Three roles are still available for this programme:

FI FM Risk Intern
CSD Transactions & Markets Intern
CAO/LFC Support Intern

Deadline – June 8th
Assessment day – June 13th
Start of Programme – September 17th

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