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What does it take to host an Eagle?
As a flagship corporate social responsibility programme for ELBA, we are always looking for employers to host placements for our existing programmes. We would also be delighted to create a bespoke programme for your company. Get in touch to find out more.

Why choose Eagles?

Businesses can make a seismic difference to the trajectory of a young person and their family’s life by seeking talent in places they don’t normally look.

  • We recruit interns based on their potential rather than their past academic achievements. To be part of the programme, candidates must have recently graduated and meet specific social mobility criteria.
  • Once accepted, we start with 3 weeks of training to help prepare for the world of work using top quality trainers including the National Theatre, Pitman’s and Happy Computers.
  • By the time Eagle interns join a business for a six to twelve month placement, they have had training in that sector and have picked up a wide range of employability skills. This means that graduates arrive ‘day-one ready’ with a good understanding of their role and where it fits into the business.
  • We continue to support the interns throughout the programme with mentors, additional training days and review meetings
  • ELBA makes life easy for you as the interns are on our headcount not yours. We believe the programme represents excellent value for money for the business as well as an unparalleled experience for the interns themselves.
  • Our 15-year track record speaks for itself: 96% of Eagles go on to find graduate level employment.

Who else is involved? See the full list here.

We want more employers on board so that we can get more talented candidates into places where they can flourish. Please contact Sally Roberts, Eagles Programme Manager at [email protected], 07980 610010.

I can’t stress how important it is for businesses to welcome and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Our Eagle interns have injected fresh ideas, perspectives and energy into our organisation from day one. We in turn have given them the confidence to be themselves, the space to try new approaches, and the opportunity to thrive.

Kate Butchart

Head of Corporate Citizenship EMEA, Credit Suisse

Our primary objective is to create long-term change, recognising the value of a diverse workforce to our business, and the future potential of our candidates regardless of their education or socio-economic background. We are proud of our ING Eagles programme and will continue to foster and develop the strong pipeline of talent it has helped us identify.

Anjali Tull

Head of Human Resources, Wholesale Banking EMEA, ING

“It [the Eagles programme] delivers to both parties. The graduates are presented with an opportunity to develop their skills and the corporates benefit greatly from their local knowledge and understanding”

Emma Turnbull

Pro Bono & Community Affairs Officer, Allen & Overy

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