10 things I’ve learnt in 11 months working at Bank of America

One of our wonderful Eagles, Sarah Nganwuchu, currently undertaking her Eagles internship at Bank of America, recently wrote this brilliant, super useful list of top tips she’s learnt in 10 months working at Bank of America – what a great resource to share!

10 things I’ve learnt in the past 10-11 months since working at Bank of America:

  1. Keep a positive attitude no matter what
  2. Be kind to everyone – from security guards to directors
  3. Network, network and keep networking. Your network becomes your net worth
  4. Your personal brand is also how you present yourself (the way you dress)
  5. Be proactive – find ways to get involved
  6. Write everything down/create a reminder system that works best for you
  7. A close attention to detail is everything!
  8. Upskill outside of office hours
  9. Read the room
  10. Treat yourself for all your hard work

Happy holidays ?

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